Student Session

Operation Readiness: Maximizing and Leveraging the LSAMP/LSMCE STEM Community

Presenter: Brian Thomas (bio)

In a world of global competition and high expectations for collegiate graduates, being ready to capitalize on opportunities is paramount. As a former STEM student who attended resource/career fairs, a corporate recruiter of collegiate students, and now a professional development instructor to collegiate students, one thing that stands out is a lack of preparation.

The unique thing about capturing the moment is you are not always aware of when the moment to meet with a grad school recruiter, summer research lab manager, or even a national research lab Director will take place. Whether it is, resume development, interviews skills, navigating the ground floor of a resource fair, managing informal social settings, or communicating your personal brand, this workshop will have students prepared for them all. There is a saying, “proper planning prevents poor performance”. We will map out strategic plans for our students and provide interactive role playing to ensure they are prepared to reach their STEM greatness.

Workshop Framework

As we look the landscape of careers, entrepreneurship, and business in general, it’s very obvious a gap in professional development. There are many factors at play such as Speed of communication, Social media, increased job turnover, more options in career and business, etc. These factors have lead us to create a gap in professional development that I’m excited to help fill. Below you will find a few tips centered around some of our basic professional development topics.


  • Experience matters. Try to really highlight what you’ve “done and accomplished”
  • Lead with strong action verbs. (Prepared, lead, developed, executed, completed)
  • Email your resume to yourself so you are always prepared for an opportunity
  • Ensure you are well versed on the details of resume just in case you are “called out”


  • Always practice answering interview questions
  • Show up early in case of unplanned delays
  • Always accept water so you can be comfortable speaking for a prolonged period
  • Always accept an invite to the bathroom to ensure grooming is acceptable


  • Smile, handshake, with strong eye contact
  • Be Active. (Listen and Talk)
  • Be Aware Of Your Personal Brand
  • Give and Receive Business Cards
  • Find a common connection


  • Provide a response within 24 hours thanking the individual for the interaction
  • Ensure you provide your desire for more communication in the future
  • Communicate a way in which you could be of service to the individual