Presentations from the 2017 LSMCE Conference



LSAMP Meeting Pre-Conference Presentations

"Word from the NSF: Priorities and Communicating Impacts," - A. James Hicks and Martha James  Presentation (pptx)

Colleen Manning, Evaluator for Indiana LSAMP, Goodman Research Group   Presentation (coming soon)
Monica Mitchell, Evaluator for Center for STEM Education Research, Chicago State University; President and CEO, MERAssociates, LLC  Presentation (pdf)
Kenneth Rath, Evaluator for Garden State LSAMP, Sage Fox Consulting Group   Presentation (pptx)

LSMCE Partner Schools Meeting  Presentation (pdf)


CONFERENCE (October 7-8)

Keynote Presentations

“Take Action: Innovating Solutions to Society’s Problems” - Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D., Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor and Chair of the Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department at the University of Florida, Florida-Georgia LSAMP (FGLSAMP), PAESMEM 2012    Presentation (coming soon)

“Broadening Participation Focus: Preparing a diverse generation of community college STEM educators” - Ben Flores, Ph.D., Professor and UT System LSAMP Director, College of Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, Texas Systems LSAMP, PAESMEM 2008  Presentation (pdf)

"INCLUDES: Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science," -
Martha James, Program Officer, National Science Foundation Directorate for Education and Human Resource, Division of Human Resources Development   Presentation (pptx)

Breakout Session 1

"Where Did They Go? Using National Student Clearninghouse to Find Your Declines and Denies to Build a Stronger Recruitment Strategy," Emily Easton, University of Chicago     Presentation (coming soon)

"Using a Research-center-based Mentoring Program to Broaden Participation in STEM and to Facilitate Access to an International Research Experience for Undergraduates," Eduardo Santillan-Jimenez, University of Kentucky KY-WV LSAMP    Presentation (pptx)   |   Handout (docx)

"Exploring Graduate School Funding," Denise Y. Yates, Director for Programs and Site Coordinator and Director Bridge to the Doctorate at University of Illinois at Chicago.  Abstract   |  Presentation (coming soon)

Breakout Session 2

"Three Mentoring Programs in Mathematics and Their Impacts in Broadening Participation,"  Tuncay Aktosun, University of Texas at Arlington; Texas Systems LSAMP   Presentation (pptx)

"Evaluation Report for the Diverse Bridge and Early-arrival Programs of the Ohio LSAMP Alliance," Barbara Fink, Ohio State University; Ohio LSAMP   Presentation (pptx)

"Underrepresented Minority Students Can Succeed at Very High Levels in Undergraduate STEM Degree Programs When Financial Need is Fully Met," W. Robert Midden, Bowling Green State University; LSMCE Partner    Presentation (coming soon)

"Fostering Transfer Student Success through Cross Campus Collaboration," Russell Morrow, Ohio State University; Ohio LSAMP    Presentation (pptx)

Breakout Session 3

Promotion of Underrepresented Minorities in Academic STEM: Alliance Building with High School, Four-year Institution, and Industry Partners," Christopher Anderson, Dominican University; LSMCE Partner    Presentation (pptx)

"Where Can Research Take You? Developing Skills for Success in Academia and Beyond," Prajukti Bhattacharyya, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Wisc-AMP   Abstract   |   Presentation (pdf)

"The LSAMP Scholars Program: A Model for Building Community among Two-year College STEM Students Eda Davis-Lowe, Valencia College; CFSA LSAMP   Presentation (pdf)

"Building a Community of Underrepresented STEM Majors in Calculus: The Emerging Scholars Program," David Miller, West Virginia University; KY-WV LSAMP   Presentation (pdf)

"Translating Research to Practice: Exploring Hispanicserving Community Colleges STEM Pathways," Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   Presentation (coming soon)

Breakout Session 4

"Social Media Campaigns for Dissemination and Recruitment for LSAMP and Other Diversity Programs," Alexander Gates, Rutgers University; Garden State LSAMP   Presentation   |   Workshop

"Preparing URM STEM Students as Agents of Change in the STEM Workplace," June Hairston, University of Washington; NW LSAMP   Presentation (ppt)   |   Handout (docx)

"The Whole STEM: Building Community Through Programming That Encompasses All STEM Disciplines," Michael Petro, University of Connecticut; NE LSAMP    Presentation (pptx)

"Using Community-built., Online Resources to Support Professional and Institutional Development in LSAMP Alliance Institutions," James Swartz, Grinnell College; IINSPIRE LSAMP    Presentation (coming soon)

"Alliance to Alliance: Sharing Best Practices," Fara Williams, University of Kentucky; KY-WV LSAMP


Bridge to the Doctorate Oral Presentations

"Fabrication of Colloidally Templated TiO2 for Gliding of Viscous Oil," Lacey Douglas, Texas A&M University; TAMUS LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate **WINNER**    Presentation (pptx)

"Bisphosphonate Pretreatments Protect Cancellous Bone Density and Strength in Unloaded Adult Rats," Jon Elizondo, Texas A&M University; TAMUS LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate    Presentation (pptx)

"The Fate of E. coli in a Passive Nitrogen Reduction System: A Wastewater Reuse Approach," Michelle Henderson, University of South Florida; Florida-Georgia LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate   Presentation (pptx)

"Top-Down Proteomics: A Tool For Metastatic Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery," Samantha Knott, University of Wisconsin—Madison; Wisc-AMP Bridge to the Doctorate   Presentation (pptx)

"Passively Actuated Vibration to Decrease Membrane Fouling Rate for Centrifugal Reverse Osmosis," Matthew Martinez, Texas A&M University; TAMUS LSAMP Bridget to the Doctorate   Presentation (coming soon)

"Modeling Viral Pathogen Exposure and Risk Reductions for Infection Control Interventions," Amanda Wilson, University of Arizona; WAESO LSAMP Bridge to Doctorate    Presentation (pptx)


Student Workshops

"Developing Your Science Identity through Internships," Meridith Bruozas, Argonne National Laboratory; Rob Schuch,  Argonne National Laboratory   Presentation   |  Handout STETS Identity

“What You Need to Know about Graduate School,"  Tabitha Hardy, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis  Presentation (pptx)

"Resource and Career Fair Management," Brian Thomas, KIPNspire    Presentation (pptx)