Presentations from the 2016 LSMCE Conference


Meeting the Challenge of Innovative Science  | NSF Big Ideas (supplemental)

Sylvia James: National Science Foundation



“My Car Broke Down” and Other Reasons I Couldn’t Stay on Task: Best Practices for Commuter STEM Student Retention and Success (pptx)

Ben Flores: University of Texas at El Paso and UT System LSAMP


PANEL DISCUSSION: Undergraduate Research Programs in a 4-year Institution Setting

Arianna Arciero-Pino: University of Texas El Paso and UT Systems LSAMP (pptx  | supplemental)

Prajukti Bhattacharyya: University of Wisconsin–Whitewater and WISC-LSAMP (pptx)

Sunday Tim: Iowa State University and IINSPIRE LSAMP (pptx)


CSU-LSAMP: Strategies for Maintaining a Cohesive Alliance and Maximizing Successful Outcomes (pptx)

Lisa Hammersley: Sacramento State University and CSU-LSAMP

Nicole Campos: California State University and CSU-LSAMP


LSMCE Broadening Participation Digital Library Launch: Dissemination of 25 Years of Game-Changing Work by the Alliances

Rebecca Pitkow: Guardians of Honor




Leveraging External Funding for California State University LSAMP International Research Programs (pdf)

John Banks: California State University at Fullerton and CSU-LSAMP

Christina Goode: California State University at Fullerton and CSU-LSAMP


NSF LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate: Facilitating Graduate Academic Success (coming soon!)

Denise Yates: University of Illinois at Chicago and IL-LSAMP

Ari Arciero-Pino: University of Texas El Paso and UT Systems LSAMP

Martha Tchounwou: Jackson State University and LSAMP


Collaborative Efforts for Student Transition in Mathematical Sciences (pptx)

Tuncay Aktosun: University of Texas at Arlington and UT Systems LSAMP


PANEL DISCUSSION: New Program Development: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Linda Brazdil: Loyola University Chicago and LSMCE (pdf)

Kazi Javed: Kentucky State University and KY-WV LSAMP (ppt)

Scott Molitor: University of Toledo and LSMCE (pptx)

Donna Stallings: Lincoln University and LSMCE (pptx)

Sheela Vemu: Waubonsee Community College and LSMCE (coming soon!)



LSAMP Program Management and Coordination: Best Practices and Open Discussion

Dani Mitchell: Iowa State University and IINSPIRE

Mary Darrow: Iowa State University and IINSPIRE


PANEL DISCUSSION: Undergraduate Research Programs in a Community College Setting

Eda Davis-Lowe: Valencia College and Central Florida LSAMP (pdf)

Dmitry Kalantarov & Nadia Lvov: Essex County College and Garden State LSAMP (pptx)

Tica Valdes: Onondaga Community College and Upstate LSAMP (pptx)


Peer Mentoring in STEM:  Training for Mentors (pptx)

Barbara A. Fink: The Ohio State University and OH-LSAMP

Kaitlyn Murray: The Ohio State University and OH-LSAMP



Proven Best Practices for a STEM Transition Pathway from Community College to Four-year Program (coming soon!)

Alexander Gates: Rutgers University and Garden State LSAMP


Supporting Students in STEM through the Learning Assistant (LA) Model (coming soon!)

Laurie Langdon: University of Colorado at Boulder and Colorado LSAMP

Mel Sabella: Chicago State University and IL-LSAMP



Applying for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (pptx)

Emily W. Easton: University of Chicago


Grad School: How to Get There, How to Stay There, and How to Graduate with the Ph.D. (coming soon!)

Denise Y. Yates: University of Illinois at Chicago


Navigating Negotiations (pptx)

Martin Scheeler University of Chicago


Secrets to Getting the Undergraduate Internship (coming soon!)

Meridith Bruozas: Argonne National Laboratory

Robert Schuch: Argonne National Laboratory